Finch Family Pages
latest shots

Julie, Tony and Sue in Shrewsbury 2007

Julie Tony and Sue 2006
Julie, Tony and Sue at the Three Crowns 2006

Tony and Peter Finch 2006
Tony and Peter at the Three Crowns 2006

Sue & Anthony 2005
Sue and Anthony 2005

Dan at Ironbridge
Daniel at the Ironbridge Museum 2002

it's hard, man
Tim working it out 2002

Anthony's Party
So who is who? Tony & Julie's 2002 Party


the brilliant Shropshire bricks


Christmas in Bridgenorth
Christmas 2002

nine wells waving
Peter & Sue at Nine Wells October, 2003

the nemesis strikes
Sue meets her nemesis (Cyril Actie)
at the Norwegian Church, March, 2004. Photo: John Briggs

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