Finch Family Pages
historic shots

Marjorie Noele Davis aged 19
Marjorie Noele Davis 1939

Marjorie Finch at Trafalgar Square
Marjorie Noele Davis 1942

Peter Finch as baby
Marjorie Finch with Peter Finch at 3 months
June 1947

Stanley Arthur Finch and his two sons
Stanley Arthur Finch with his two sons 1955

Marjorie and Stanley Finch
Marjorie and Stanley Finch - Bibury - 1982

Emily Drake
Dorothy Emily Drake, Stanley's mother
born 1883.

Edward Finch
Edward Finch, Stanley's father
born 1881.

Edward and Emily Finch
Edward and Emily Finch

Edward and Emily Finch
Edward and Emily Finch

Eric Finch and parents
Eric, Emily and Edward Finch

Finch family in colour
Edward Finch, Audrey Morris, Billy Rawlins, Doris Rawlins, Frances Finch
Fred Morris, Emily Finch

Finch family
DorisRawlins, Frances Finch, Audrey Morris, Emily Finch,
Sheila Morris

S A Finch in Egypt
Stanley Finch in Alexandria 1943

Algiers 1943
Stanley Finch at War - Algiers Ecole de Fille, Boulevard Gambetta, 1943

Peter Finch 1960
Peter Finch, Anthony Finch & Blackie 1960

down and outblueswailers 1965
The Down and Out Blueswailers circa 1965

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