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I really like your site. I will include your books as good readings on Cardiff on my website
I will also include your website on mine, if interested you could include mine as well.
Thanks for a great service, a true son of the soil.

Alan Belth <>
Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales - 15:57:44 Sunday 01 October 2006

Just read your piece on the Billy Banks after finding it through Google. Very informative & amusing. My children & myself pass the flats every day on the school run & after discussing their ominous-ness one too many times took a detour & investigated. We were not dissapointed - we found the place magnificently horrendous. We've wanted to know about its history ever since & couldn't have found a better teller - much appreciation. Off to read your other stuff now.
R Roceci
Cardiff, No county/state, Wales - 13:26:26 Wednesday 12 April 2006

I presented at the ReActivism conference, and attended the Sonic tags tour at night... but I missed you
I have just arranged a meeting at the BT-IDC... and found you
spatial dislocations, surprise...
the poetics of data (scroll to bottom):
my flickr set on ReActivism:
sonic tags, at night

John Wilson <>
Caerphilly, Caerphilly, Wales - 18:35:31 Wednesday 08 February 2006


Liked your site. I'm particularly interested in the docks, having been born there. If you're interested in Barry Tobin's new website, here's a link.He(like me) is one of the original members of the Deutsche Gesellschaft (Cardiff German society).

Barry seems to have moved back to Ireland.

Phil Hexter <Email address not supplied>
Cardiff, No county/state, No country - 21:08:44 Sunday 22 January 2006
Thanks for the info. Very interesting! I was trying to find out the history of the George Trubey Fine Art Dealership at 26, Queen St. Arcade, Cardiff, in '1916.' I work at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee and while I was looking up your site one of my student workers, who works at the campus radio station, said he had hear of Cardiff because he had heard a lot of the musical groups from there. It is becoming such a small world isn't it? Anyway, if you know of anyone who can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks for the interesting info. on present day Cardiff.
Sincerely, a friend in Tennessee.

Sheila Stephens <>
Heiskell, Knox / Tennessee, U.S.A. - 02:12:46 Saturday 21 January 2006
What a thoroughly excellent and beautifully designed piece of poetic webbery you have created here. It's also a very stimulating appraisal of Cardiff, a beautiful city that I have visited many times.
Graham Burchell - Poet <>
Houston/Dawlish, TX/Devon, U.S.A/U.K. - 19:49:09 Monday 16 January 2006

Brilliant site - came accross it whilst learning to surf near Swansea - Ideal site for all interested South Wales and regional info
William & Benjamin Flowers <>
Pottering Abboutt, Kent, UK - 12:59:00 Tuesday 10 January 2006
I'm a student in Cardiff in 4th year and love the place. I think your website's brilliant - you see the highs and lows of Cardiff in all their reality but embrace the whole lot as part of this fantastic city. Thanks!
Katie <>
Wokingham, Berkshire, UK - 14:34:04 Thursday 05 January 2006 All is excellent! Thanks!

Hi Poet,

I have fallen upon your Poetry tonight. I enjoyed reading you.
When you have time check out Looking within poetry board.
Read other poets like yourself and drop your own writes in forums for all to admire.

Much poetic respect,

Melanie C. Jordan <>
Miami beach, Florida, USA - 01:37:39 Tuesday 29 November 2005
Will there be a Real Cardiff # 3?

Jill Hastings <>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 16:53:49 Monday 31 October 2005
Hi Peter
It was great to hear you again last evening and have a chance to speak with you. I put a bit about you on my website and linked to this site. I also posted one of the poems inspired by your reading at the Gellert in 2003. Check it out:

Alison Boston <>
Budapest, No county/state, Hungary - 16:11:10 Saturday 15 October 2005
A true Cardiffian is a Welsh cockney who is a product of St.Davids Hospital and whose accent is unique .I think our past should be celebrated more than what the future holds for us, for we are being pushed out by the political elite and their capitalist conglomerates
No name given <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 20:26:06 Wednesday 20 July 2005
correction delightful. with correct e mail adress.
david campbell <>
duiven, gelderland, holland - 11:28:44 Wednesday 29 June 2005
Delightfull Peter.
Brought back images of the past. Charlie bethel blues and moulders intrigue, to drunken lying in parks to dreams of hennep encounters

dave campbell <>
duiven, No county/state, holland - 14:03:30 Sunday 26 June 2005
Nice Web site full of intersting ideas and information .I haven't seen you since you were on my bus comeing to Newport
I don't know if you remeber you were one of the juges in my competition going back the first John Tripp award . I am getting better every day . thanks

Keyvan Ghaemmaghami <>
Newport, Gwent, UK - 00:06:37 Monday 30 May 2005
I was delighted to find some info. re: Newtown as I am desperate to find old photographs/info on Newtown. I lived in the Duke of Edinburgh pub in Ellen Street between the years 1953 - 1957 as a small child, after Brains closed it and rented it to my father, Mr. William Charles Llewellyn, and would welcome any feedback on this. Thanks. Sandra Bright
Sandra Bright <>
New Romney, Kent, U.K - 10:44:27 Saturday 28 May 2005
I have just read with much interest and pleasure your first Real Cardiff book and will be obtaining the second shortly.
There is a paragraph on Mountstuart Square which I would like to highlight in a staff magazine printed by the Charity Victim Support which has taken over a floor in Empire House there. Can you see any problem in my doing this - I would of course refer to both of the sbove publications when doing this.
Graham Jones - Board Trustee with Wouth Wales Victim Support and former Chair of Rhondda Victim Support Scheme.

Graham Jones <>
Rhondda, Mid-Glam, Wales - 11:38:24 Thursday 28 April 2005
Cardiff, they say, is just a small village. Indeed, many a day I have stood almost still in almost one spot only to have old strangers pass me by with familiar greetings as if I had seen them only yesterday. Not six years, or ten years, ago. The internet only serves to enhance the village-ness. So here I find Mr Peter Finch! Whilst watching news of the death of a Pope on TV, I found curiosity: when did he visit Cardiff? 1982, of course, but the search results produce a Peter Finch Page. I can do nothing except look for a contact email or guestbook. I find one. So, hello Peter! Last seen in 1986 it was, when I was with What's Heppening and you one of many cherished supporters and contributors. Many years later I emigrated to America. Rhide Island. I am a technical developer for the worlds largest producer of classified ad magazines. Glad to feel the strength of old roots, Peter - hope you are well! Best wishes - Mike Southern
Mike Southern <>
Westerly, Rhode Island, United States - 01:38:01 Tuesday 05 April 2005
Great site. Thought one of the comments, 'What about the characters?'well worth considering. The piece on the Pearl reminded of my father, he worked on most of the building in Cardiff and died in 2003, aged 93. He was on the Pearl, and I was next door in the then Art college studying photography. I used to meet him for lunch on site. A couple of times we sat up on the girders and ate our sandwiches. And I took the chance to shoot some pics.
Cheers, Peter.

Peter Murphy <>
Zilina, No county/state, Slovakia - 12:19:39 Tuesday 22 March 2005
I loved this website. I am doing a report on Peter Finch and it really helped me learn what he is about. I wish there was a bit more biography so I could learn about his past and what he had to go through to become a writer. Thanks to this website, I have come to conclude that I am no longer just doing a research paper, but also learning and getting to know an amazing person.
Shannon <>
Montrose, Ohio, USA - 20:46:43 Sunday 06 March 2005
There's nothing I would to comment on except that I am interested in learning more about poems especially the characteristics of short poems. This is part of my research for my assignment and if this could be assisted from your end it will be more of great help. Thank you
Taanga Tiata <>
Suva, Fiji, Fiji - 23:57:18 Sunday 20 February 2005
AmAZinG! I felT EverY viBraTION.
I really loved your work
and here I have gained new knowledge today
and dive my wheelchair away with new hope
a new poetic dawn entered my mind
Another stimulation was born
from your word sounds I hear
new birds song
this is my poetic peace
thanks to Peter Finch
a heart dawns and is reborn in rapturous
vibrations in rapturous reveloutions
of the listening the sounds

(This is my poem on what I felt visiting here today please give it to Mr. Finch.
Maria Ann Cahill

Maria Ann Cahill <>
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England - 14:46:46 Friday 04 February 2005
As a Cardif born and Cardiff bred girl it's wonderful to read about places I used to know so much about. I am researching our Family history and it's amazing what myths and legends are turning up but I know all the Cardiff addresses are for real, starting in Gough St. in Temperance town in 1873 and going via Dumfries Place, Denton Rd. and ending in Wentloog Road, with my mother's death last year. Thanks for this lovely site.
Rosalie Morgan nee Jenkins <>
Swansea, No county/state, No country - 19:32:52 Sunday 23 January 2005
Dear Peter Finch,

My friend and colleague Leslie Norris suggested I contact you about possible venues for reading poetry in the UK. I've sent you a poetry sample by mail. Thanks, Lance L####n

Lance L####n <lance_l####n>
Provo, UT 84602, U.S. - 00:28:34 Tuesday 21 December 2004
I very much enjoyed reading about Cardiff and the docks/bay (boo) area. I was delighted to find Hamadryad park last summer - and still wonder at the fact the hospital isnt used for anything at all.

A quick question - do you have any idea what Hunter Street was used for originally? I live right at the top end (opposite the police station), and presume it was some kind of warehouse affair...

Many thanks and keep writing


Chris Laity <>
Cardiff, No county/state, No country - 13:39:20 Thursday 02 December 2004
Very interesting to draw parallels between Cardiff's and Glasgow's 'regeneration'.
Sheila Dennis <>
Glasgow, No county/state, Scotland - 17:00:26 Wednesday 24 November 2004
Brilliant! the writing is very good; just my sort of kettle o'fish: slightly cynical, humourous, to the point and no quibbles; will pass http to everyone I know of; sys
Mario Fiorillo <>
Caerdydd, De Morgannwg, Cymru (PT) - 12:36:06 Wednesday 24 November 2004
being a cardiff/docks expat i enjoyed some of the memories.Plenty in there about the buildings and streets, but what about the characters?
Vic Parker musician
Big LISA the prostitute who claimed to be a Zulu Princess & lots more. Bi g bloke called Ivor drank in the White Hart.
Find out about them.

Alan CHICK <>
Newport pagnell, No county/state, UK - 13:57:56 Tuesday 16 November 2004
I thought the website was brilliant!
I was just enquiring if you had any opinions about the works of Gillian clarke as i am studying welsh poets for my coursework.
i would be grateful for any information you could send me
thank you
best wishes
Jess H

jess Hanley <>
llandovery, carmarthenshire, wales - 14:59:02 Monday 04 October 2004
Live in Love & Joy Peter.

Michael Levy <>
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA - 18:13:18 Friday 01 October 2004
Just reading your note about Oriel on your website. It says Oriel was started in 1974 and you left it when it went to High street in 1968.

I always thaought it seemed bigger on the inside to how it looked on the outside ;0)

Chris <>
Caerdydd, Glam, Cymru - 09:20:07 Thursday 09 September 2004
Stumbling along through
Checking out
Peter Finch
rings a bell
the Greyhound.
could this be the same
look at photo
yes it's him
skeletons come
of the locker
Brynies house in
harmonica in the
fist in the
much regretted.

Love the site,
will buy the book
when next in Cardiff,
Iusually make it back
every five years.
Been in France for
the last twenty eight.
Cheers Kro

Kro <>
annecy, No county/state, france - 14:26:51 Friday 16 July 2004
The past was a score of yesterdays
but it has all come back.
Youth! Such fizzy times.
A pupil at Whitchurch
and then Cathays,
summers in Roath
where I first tongue-tied a kiss.

I will look out for the Book!
& yes I still go back.

Thanks for the trip.

Julian Gilby <>
Ammanford, Carms, Cymru - 00:22:56 Sunday 30 May 2004
Hi there Peter, surprise surprise, Ive just stumbled onto your webbsite. Grrreeeaaat. My family got me this magic box for my birthday.So am new to this tech. Im well past my sell by date now of 3score years and 10 but am still scratching away with the old quill. And still in competion with you boyo ,I actually gave a reading last evening in Llanharry ,shades of the Caberet 246 days,went down well to forat the evenings end one old dear presented me with a bagof her home made pasties( Bet Ifor Thomas or Topha Mills never got such riches for their perfomances).Wellback to see what other goodies youve got tucked away.
All the best, John Morris

William John Morris. <wmorris 04@aol.Co>
LLanrisant, No county/state, No country - 00:35:42 Saturday 17 April 2004
Having read your article on Newtown and being of the last generation to live in this area it was a joy to see the names of streets I played on as a child although born in Wales I beleive I have more Irish genes than Welsh due to living in Little Ireland.
Keep up the good work

John Timmons <>
Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales - 12:02:33 Thursday 01 April 2004
Peter! I have just spent the best 45 minutes on a computer terminal in a long many years! the poetry in the Walking ssection is quite good! congratulations! AH!

Mario <>
Caerdydd, Cymru, Portugal - 16:55:08 Tuesday 30 March 2004
I am looking for poetry to publish in my free zine. Mail submissions to my e mail or to mr e pobox 324 kenosha wi

MR E <>
kenosha, wi, usa - 22:49:50 Thursday 18 March 2004
Peter; what a pleasnt surprise having found this site, via a GUT discussion group; just what I needed to find stuff about the city, and to pick and choose some of your poems;

Thanks for reminding of CABARET 246 - which I completely missed, and may I suggest a mention of Undercover Writers @ the FBI? Out of accuracy I should think.

Very well designed and sorted this site; comgratulations.

Mario Fiorillo <>
Cardiff, De Cymru, Cymru - 15:05:12 Thursday 04 March 2004
i like the page,and i would like to show to readers my first book 'a new friend' by nacho blanco published by and i also would like to meet some authors.i would like to publish something helping people without me earning money.
blanco <>
murcia, spain, spain - 16:14:58 Saturday 28 February 2004
hello i am Becki's friend. i like ur website. x
Nic <>
Telford, Shropshire, England - 14:42:52 Monday 23 February 2004
sorry just realised my email wasnt full typed in case you send me anything. All the best, Alan
Alan <>
Cardiff, Roath, Wales :D - 02:59:54 Friday 20 February 2004
very informative, maybe a little too informative as you've gotten me very curious. i live in roath behind albany rd very near to the junction with city rd. in your section about city road you said about the 'gibbet' and ancient executions in this area. as a student who's grown up in cardiff, i always thought these were myths, people seeing ghosts of monks and dead people walking around this area. ive searched all around the net but alas no avail. i was just wondering if you could tell me where i could read more about the past of that little area where the gibbet used to be on the junction of albany rd and city rd.

Many thanks, Alan

Alan <alski695>
Cardiff, umm...Roath i guess, Wales - 02:55:39 Friday 20 February 2004
sam <>
sam, sam, sam - 02:08:55 Saturday 14 February 2004
Hello, I hope that this email reaches Peter Finch. I was very intrigued by Peters work in Budapest. I am a 31 year old set designer who trained at the Welsh College of Music and Drama and who lived in Cathays and Roarg for 5 years. I now live in London but my mum and sister have moved from Dorset to Cardiff. The other connection is that I have done some work for the Hungarian State Oper and indeed my girlfriend is a leading soprano there. I am spending more and more time there after falling in love with Budapest and my girlfriend, but not in that order! Want to relocate there ideally and would love to talk with Peter to discuss his work and to talk about future British collborations in Hungary. Best wishes to you.
Howard Lloyd <>
London / Cardiff, No county/state, UK / Budapest - 01:47:33 Sunday 08 February 2004
No name given <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 21:00:22 Wednesday 04 February 2004

This is actually a request for help...

I am a postgraduate journalism student at Cardiff School of Journalism and I am currently researching for an article I am going to write based on Elm Street in Roath.

I want to trace some of the history of the street and speak to current residents about their stories and experiences whilst living there. The article would consist of a number of short interviews with residents - perhaps the oldest, a particularly lively character, one who lives in one of the brightest houses on the street etc. Through their stories I would want to get a general idea of Cardiff as a whole and the changing face of the city.

I was wondering if you have any spare time for me to come and talk to you about what you have discovered about the street in your studies. Also if you have any contacts with residents on the street I wondered if you might put me in contact with anyone who might have a story to tell.

My deadline is Monday 9th February so I would appreciate an early response if possible.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Rosalind Sack <>
Cardiff, No county/state, Wales - 17:34:25 Tuesday 03 February 2004
Dear Peter,

My book on the campaign to stop the Cardiff Bay Barrage is soon to be published by Seren - I would like to include a quote from your web site on Cardiff in its industrial heyday

i.e. - ‘the place stank permanently of coal, fume and ash. The vast East Moors steelworks at its centre turned the air dark…Cardiff was a place of smog and dark sunrises.’

Please let me know what terms and conditions ould apply.

Many thanks,
Sian Best

Sian Best <>
Cardiff, No county/state, No country - 16:10:18 Sunday 25 January 2004
Maybe you don't understand Hungarian, but I'd like to thank your excellent performance in Merlin Theater in my native language: Szóval: Köszönöm szépen Peter! Azt hiszem nagyonis megérte megnézni... Hope I will see you again in any Hungarian theatre lately...

D. Richárd < >
Bp. , -, Hungary - 17:12:45 Saturday 24 January 2004
Maybe you don't understand Hungarian, but I'd like to thank your excellent performance in Merlin Theater in my native language: Szóval: Köszönöm szépen Peter! Azt hiszem nagyonis megérte megnézni... Hope I will see you again in any Hungarian theatre lately...

D. Richárd <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, Hungary - 17:12:22 Saturday 24 January 2004
hi Pete,
just passing through, some good stuff. Keep on.

stewart brown <>
Birmingham, No county/state, UK - 15:37:37 Thursday 22 January 2004
My name is Loren Kleinman and I am the Associate Editor of the E-zine Sidereality (out of the U.S.). I am looking to conduct an interview with a (young) Irish poet whose work is experimental. I am interested in what poets are doing outside the U.S. I was wondering do you have any names or contact information for some? Or any recommendations? You can access our site at : Or, maybe Peter Finch would be interested?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. If you can't provide this information, do you know where I might be able to get help locating some? I looked through your site, but thought you would have a good opinion as far as referring a poet.

Best regards,
Loren Kleinman, Associate Editor, Sidereality

Loren Kleinman <>
Wayne, NJ, USA - 20:53:08 Wednesday 21 January 2004
Hi Peter, Just been reading your articles in The Writer's Handbook. Excellent as always. Also enjoying the updated site.

All Best

Tony LJ

Tony Lewis-Jones <>
Bristol, No county/state, UK - 17:46:15 Monday 05 January 2004
I was extremely interested in your information concerning John Tripp (I knew him better as Paul) I spent some time with him in London when he worked with the BBC and later at the Indonesian Embassy He was a very good friend, with a lively, creative mind and many idiosyncracies! I shared the same 'digs' in London with him during the early 50's. I was sorry to learn of his premature death through a visit to the local library here. I lost touch with him in the 60's, however I am grateful for your information about him since then. Thank-you so much. Yours Denis Drew
Denis O Drew <>
St. Austell, Cornwall, U>K> - 20:56:30 Sunday 07 December 2003
Hi Peter,
Thought I would let you know i am in the process of
compiling my 11th cardiff book,Time Gentlemen Please!
It all about the pubs & clubs of cardiff from the year
dot to the present with more than 200 pixs.
After that, I might do a book about greyhound racing in Wales. It will make a change from The Welsh Grand National and Welsh Powderhall books.
Regards, Brian Lee

brian lee <brian@thepress.fsnet,>
cardiff, glamorgan, wales - 20:28:41 Tuesday 11 November 2003
Hi Peter

I am seriously considering taking your expert advice on self-publishing after my weird experiences getting my manuscript published. It was finished and accepted by the publisher since December 2001. But here we are, November 2003 - the release has yet to materialize. I guess I have to pay my dues.

Best wishes

Bill Monkau

Bill Monkau <>
Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands - 21:09:16 Saturday 01 November 2003
I was interested to see the information about England's potato merchants of Cardiff and the photograph. My husband grandmother's maiden name was England, of the same family. Her father's name was Richard England, and they lived at Rumney Court, Rumney. We would be most interested if you have any further information about either the family or the potatoe wholesalers.

Laura Waterhouse

Laura Waterhouse <>
Blackburn, Lancashire, England - 19:23:43 Friday 12 September 2003
shaun parish artist sculptor <>
kew, surrey, u.k. - 18:25:46 Monday 08 September 2003
Cardiff multi-cultural? Don't make me laugh. With all due respect, only a white person could make that statement :-) (and only a drunk person as stupid as me could come up with an all-encompassing generalisation as the above guaranteed to get me hate mail).

Yes, Cardiff can be considered multi-cultural - if you merely take the definition to mean that non-white folk live here. They do, quelle surprise.

Do they integrate? Are white people seen at bhangra events? Are non-white people seen at Cardiff Stadium events or Cardiff City football matches? Do white Cardiffian women show much flexibility in wanting to date non-white men? Hell, no.

Until that happens, then Cardiff is not multi-cultural. The end. Till then, everyone's just slapping themselves on the back about how multi-cultural they are, on the basis they know bhangra is not a boxing event.

Andrew Wong <>
Cardiff, No county/state, Wales/UK - 03:17:00 Sunday 17 August 2003

Just wanted to say thank you to Peter Finch for his acknowledgement of my comment earlier in the guestbook. I dont know it it was automated or not, but it really made my day.

What a great guy.

Graham Allan Brown <>
Derby, Derbyshire, England - 13:56:17 Friday 08 August 2003
Is it possible to communicate with Peter Finch ?

david thomas <>
Dorking, Surrey, england - 21:04:39 Wednesday 30 July 2003
I am impressed and tempted to communicate sometime with you.
Ram Mehta <>
Detroit MI, No county/state, USA - 15:01:33 Friday 18 July 2003
i am here
mugu <>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 17:02:19 Thursday 03 July 2003
Incredible! He not only pushes the boundaries of poetry, but pushes the words straight through the screen and onto your lap.

Its nice to see something so refreshing.

Graham Allan brown <>
Derby, Derbyshire, England - 14:20:22 Monday 30 June 2003
Dear Peter,
I dont know you at all, but by accident I found your page, that it was a good surprise for me. I liked it very much.
What to say?..I am foreign so I hope that my English isn´t so bad.
My spanish wouldn´t be better!!

Pilar Benjumea <>
Seville, Seville, Spain - 14:10:20 Sunday 08 June 2003
I was browsing in 'Google images' and came across 'Cardiff', then typed in 'Cardiff in the World' and saw your fascinating site. I live near Roath Park.

I have been to 6 Cardiffs in the States (is there a map showing ALL of them ?), and aim to pass through Cardiff IL and Cardiff TN this summer. Cardiff TX didn't really exist, and Cardiff CO is way past its glory days.

Cardiff Maryland is the most impressive, Cardiff NJ is mainly a shopping mall suburb of Atlantic City. Cardiff, near Syracuse NY, is famous for the Cardiff Giant hoax, of course.

You have neglected to mention another - Cardiff in New Zealand, near New Plymouth, with Mount Taranaki as a backdrop.

Many thanx,

Tony Lloyd <>
Cardiff, No county/state, Cymru-Wales - 12:29:48 Thursday 15 May 2003
I was born in cardiff and read everthing I can get my hands on about my old home town! Great site, full of interesting facts. I really liked the info about Womanby Street as a teenager I would hang out at the Pepperpot a really small bar in the basemnet of one of the oldest buildings, neat to see the street again. I am also researching The Bute Dowries, my grandmother was a recipient but I have little information about the gift. If anyone has any information, please email me at

Carl Smith <>
San Diego, CA, USA - 20:20:33 Thursday 01 May 2003
A very worth while visit. I have added your link to my web site. Best regards.
Christopher English <>
Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - 19:59:04 Tuesday 22 April 2003
Dear Peter Finch

Good news since I last emailed! My first poetry collection has been published this February (2003) by Flarestack (ed. Charles Johnson), called The Skin - worth a look? I'd be interested (a bit scared! but interested...) to have you review it, if you have time?

Also, we've moved, I'm now back home, back to my roots, in Cumbria.

I could ask Charles (ed.) to send you a copy if you like, to review?

Keep up the good work!

best wishes

Geraldine (Green)

Geraldine Green <>
Pendower Portinscale Keswick, Cumbria, UK - 16:59:34 Monday 14 April 2003
ABA USA, ABA USA, USA - 15:53:06 Monday 14 April 2003
Dear Peter, Fine, if you care to see my History of Ore do e mail me for the site ref. Looks like I cannot put it here.Ore finished 1995 and Veins of Gold from Salzburg Press commemorated with a very full list of all poems, reviews and contributors, including titles of your three opoems and one review.25 photos ofcontributors also. BW Eric, and thanks for past help in sales, however thin.
EricRatcliffe <>
Stevenage, Herts, UK - 22:27:23 Friday 11 April 2003
I'm a huge fan of yours

Jenna Jameson

Jenna <>
Denver, CO, USA - 13:51:40 Friday 11 April 2003
poetry- simply stunning! today I met Art! thank you:)
No name given <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 23:10:07 Friday 14 March 2003
Peter, you say in How To Publish Your Poetry that

'There are also magazines such as First Time which only uses previously unpublished writers and The Whistle House in which everything is contributed pseudonymously by one J. Wistlin.'

I would like to say that I had two poems published in The Whistle House, & do not want anyone to think they were written by J.Wistlin.

Derek Adams

Derek Adams <>
Hullbridge, Essex, UK - 13:23:04 Tuesday 04 March 2003
I saw Peter on the telly
talking books, and Cardiff marsh.
Some think bogs are dark and smelly,
this strikes me as somewhat harsh.
Westgate Street once ran with waters
bound to flow, now barrage-bound.
Like most cities this one alters,
as the seasons roll around.

Martin <>
incomer, to, Wales - 20:11:07 Wednesday 19 February 2003
just finished reading real cardiff--much enjoyed-- a trip down memory lane as i taught in canton in the 70's. john briggs is a very good friend and gave us your book.i remember in 1979 going down to the docks with my husband and john to take photographs-i was heavily pregnant at the time and remember sleeping in the back of our little mini and wondering why on earth they wanted to take pictures of the docklands. well i remember the pint of dark in the old sea lock! now i understand the importance of their photographs, and although i will go down to butetown once more, from what i've read i would rather remember it as it was. thanks for a great book.
Glenda Jones <>
cardigan, ceredigion, cymru - 15:36:23 Saturday 08 February 2003
I was given a copy of 'Real Cardiff' by my brother, we grew up over the mountain in Caerphilly with an inbuilt suspicion of those from Cairdiff. They all seemed wide boys, unlike the refined folk of 'The Valleys', and to be avoided at all times. It was a place where we shopped, went for entertainment but never wandered far beyond the precincts of Queen Street and never aware of the life that went on there.
I enjoyed the potted histories of the localities, those that I knew and those that I did not, interspersed with character anecdotes. It made me think a lot about pre-industrial Cardiff Indeed, one could almost call it a travel book. When I go back, I will look with greater interest.

jim powell <>
invercargill , No county/state, new zealand - 09:49:53 Tuesday 04 February 2003
he pete. quick note to say finished Real Cardiff in one sitting yesterday - extremely entertaining & informative. however, and there is always one, eh?, you may have to thumb-screw your proof-reader[s] as i spotted a few, erm, mistakes/errors [Paul Prescott? shurely, Steve...]. that said, i'll go into more detail & a more in-depth response on the 2nd Feb @ the BBC4 recording. cheers for the nod, by the way — most unexpected. keep it Real... c.b.
chrisbrooke <>
cardiff, No county/state, No country - 14:04:32 Saturday 25 January 2003
Most excellent and informative site Peter.
Leslie de la Haye. <>
JERSEY, Channel Islands, No country - 10:57:19 Friday 24 January 2003
I was looking for the Waterhouse painting 'Hamadryad' when this link came up by accident. I am also a practicing poet. I spent the remainder of the morning bookmarking, rereading, and totally immersed in Peter Finch's work. What a wonderful, fresh voice. I am stunned.
Beejay <>
Wilmington, North Carolina, USA - 15:24:00 Thursday 09 January 2003
In bed recovering from a chest infection. read real cardiff in one sitting.i just had to tell you how much i enjoyed it.i first came down to cardiff from the mountains of gogland in 1967 to study at the art college and have stayed here ever since (except for a short spell in aber mid seventies).so i've lived in caerdydd longer than anywhere else, although my accent (and my nose) are still as broad as they were then (but i'm okay with that).anyway, your wry observations, eye for detail, subtle irony, and evocative use of lists of single words or very short sentences really brought home to me the immense changes that the city has undergone and indeed is still undergoing.when i'm better i'm going to try one of your walks. diolch yn fawr. ALUN
Alun Huws <>
Caerdydd, Fragile, Gwalia - 14:20:50 Tuesday 07 January 2003
Peter Finch was in my class! COOOOl, isnt it?
Ja, király a page


coldfire <>
Budapest, No county/state, No country - 17:23:26 Friday 03 January 2003
I came upon the website after looking into material on the Internet regarding R. S. Thomas. Peter Finch's poem entitled, Stats, is really fine. I shall return again and again. May we do all we can to prevent the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Peace.
Richard Zink <>
New Britain, Connecticut, United States - 02:35:39 Tuesday 17 December 2002
As an immigrant Englishman I recognise many of the themes of change not being equal to progress from elsewhere. Seems parts of the rubbish town with negligible identity I left behind have followed me! I've seen enough change in my few years in Cardiff to know something of what you're talking about; I appreciate the efforts to hold on to real social history.
Martin <>
incomer, to, Wales - 01:02:12 Sunday 15 December 2002
Great site. Really enjoying 'Real Cardiff' Really missing Oriel, especially version-Charles St. Huge John Tripp fan too
Ian <>
Cardiff, Llandaf North, Wales - 21:33:53 Wednesday 04 December 2002
Dear Peter!

Thank you very much for your amazing performace at Merlin Theatre. It was a great pleasure to work with you!

Your fan club in Hungary is 'three feet high and still rising...'

Pics from the evening:

peace: badihali

badihali <>
Budapest, No county/state, hHungary - 14:51:28 Wednesday 04 December 2002
hi! i was interested to see there is another stacey finch in this world.. wonder if we are related....
nice site, i noticed one of the finch's is interested in graphic design, that makes two of us. At the moment im doing a ba in communications at uni.
Anyway, nice work,

Stacey Finch <>
Sydney, NSW, Australia - 02:08:12 Monday 02 December 2002
Hello Peter. I am a stoodint at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama here in Cardiff. I was a mature student on entry being 27 in my first year. I have found one of your poems and may use it in a poetry competition next week in London. 'To Live in Wales'. I like your comment on the alcohol fuelled city that Cardiff is becoming. I am indiginous to The North, (northern Ireland) and I am somewhat appalled by the attention and hype given to alcohol consumtion. I think it is a big coverup. A sense that 'we're all okay as long as we can go out and get loaded on what ever alco-pop is cool this week.' How can the average 30 year old hwho has lived in Northern Ireland all their life claim to be normal.
I enjoyed your site

Seamus Casey <>
Cardiff, No county/state, Wales - 12:49:55 Thursday 07 November 2002
I thought the City Road and Newport Road descriptions were pretty good - that's how those roads are.
R Development <Email address not supplied>
Cardiff, No county/state, No country - 14:41:22 Monday 04 November 2002
You have a wonderful site! Keep your work alive!
Crystal Dawn <Email address not supplied>
Norfolk, Virginia, USA - 22:19:30 Saturday 02 November 2002
Enjoyed your web site and narrative. Some of the street descriptions may need updating, City Road and Newport Road spring to mind.
Greg <Email address not supplied>
Cardiff, No county/state, No country - 19:32:39 Wednesday 23 October 2002
Dear Peter,

I have learned a lot from reading your article in the Writers'& Artists'Yearbook 2002. Your web site is absolutely educative.
My first manuscript of 150 pages I have submitted to a publisher last December. Just received an email that the publishing date is towards the end of November 2002. My next book is a case for self-publishing I suppose.
Yours sincerely,

Bill Monkau
Sunday, 29th September 2002

Bill Monkau <>
Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands - 15:19:44 Sunday 29 September 2002
Dear Peter,

I have learned a lot from reading your article in the Writers'& Artists'Yearbook 2002. Your web site is absolutely educative.
My first manuscript of 150 pages I have submitted to a publisher last December. Just received an email that the publishing dat is towards the end of November 2002. My next book is a case for self-publishing I suppose.
Yours sincerely,

Bill Monkau
Sunday, 29th September 2002

Bill Monkau <>
Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands - 15:18:24 Sunday 29 September 2002
Stumbled across your site am I ever glad I did,I left Cardiff about ten years ago,memories were brought brack.
The bay is not what it was when I did my apprenticeship in Tyndal St.Down by the rail crossing,and all the pubs Bute street gone and they call it progress!!!!
If you should know where I can get a copy of Cardiff Born Cardiff Bred,from on the net I would be grateful there are a few Canadians I would like to hear it
All The Best
Len Morgan
ps If you get into 'The Old Arcade' have a pint of Dark for me. <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 23:44:53 Friday 20 September 2002
hi pete, long time no nothing etc. hope things are well - the site looks chipper as always. have been real busy so that threatened chat has yet to happen, but if i get a moment to myself in next week or so [& you pick this message up by then], if you don't mind i'll try and catch you on the phone to arrange a coffee or alcopop... if you've a minute yourself, give me a call [the number remains the same]. cheers & all the best, chris
chris brooke <>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 00:44:57 Monday 16 September 2002
Two years ago I (avidly) read your book 'How To Publish Yourself' - and I'm about to do just that. It's been much harder work than I'd ever imagined - but I'm constantly going back to your incredibly useful book to refresh my memory on 'what I should do next'. Just wanted to say thanks for this great resource.
Kay Fletcher <>
Tipton, No county/state, England - 19:58:46 Thursday 05 September 2002
hey hey, peter its tom here, ya know your cousin's son.
see you

Thomas Holden <>
London, england, UK - 14:26:01 Tuesday 20 August 2002
Hi Peter,

The site still looks great, and I am looking forward to your book about Cardiff, as I am very fond of the city, if only as a visitor these days.

I also wanted to say that your work on the Writer's Handbook 2003 is exemplary. Particularly glad to see that haiku are now coming to be regarded as part of the UK poetry mainstream. I was also thrilled to see that the Press that published my Selected, Poetry Monthly, gets some good coverage, as Martin Holroyd, the ed., is one of the nicest guys in the business.

Best Wishes

Tony LJ

Tony Lewis-Jones <>
BRISTOL, BRISTOL, UK - 07:40:49 Friday 16 August 2002

Extremely funny (but true!) page on your web page about gluten-free food.
My partner is GF just recently and has gone thru some of the same anguish as yourself.
If you still have a hankering after some GF foods try the range of homemade cakes at - superb! Recommend the polenta shortbread (I like it and have no GF allergy)
The person who comes up with GF beer with all it's characteristics will definitely be on to their first million.
Hope you find out what affects you eventually - it's the not knowing which gets you down, I'm sure.



Alan Pritchard <>
Hertford Heath, Herts, England - 10:01:55 Wednesday 17 July 2002
INVERKEITHING, FIFE, SCOTLAND - 15:06:26 Saturday 06 July 2002
I have not had much time to go through all the web-site but it looks very good. I DO want to say, however, how special I have found 'Welsh Wordscape'. It is a beautiful poem and very meaningful. I was delighted to find it. Thank you.
Sian Ellis <>
Epping, Essex, UK - 18:40:50 Saturday 15 June 2002
I really enjoyed your site, but would like to comment on your 'how to spot a Cardiffian' (ear,year and here), this isn't really the best way as almost all weslh people i know pronounce these as yer, a better example would probably be Car Park!
Lisa <Email address not supplied>
Ystalyfera, No county/state, Wales - 12:00:05 Wednesday 10 April 2002
you've been busier than i have...

gerrit jan

g.j. de rook <>
the hague, No county/state, the netherlands - 15:16:43 Wednesday 03 April 2002
Hey Uncle Peter,
Great site, didnt realize u had 1 until now, thankyou so much for not putting any phots of me on, cuz i'm sure the 1's you have got of me are at family occasions when i never look nice, or am really young with disgusting taste in clothes. Mum says hi! Well anyway will e-mail you soon with my New York photos i'd said I'd send you, but our scanner isnt working. See ya love Bex

Bex Finch <>
Telford, Shropshire, england - 17:13:28 Monday 11 March 2002
Great website! Can`t wait to come back and see more!
Brian Royal Doane

Brian R Doane <>
New Bedford, U.S.A,MA,02740, U.S.A. - 09:45:00 Monday 25 February 2002
Hello Peter.
First visit. Logged on soon after midnight and now it's almost 3.30 am. Da iawn wir. Sorry to say I've continued to ignore your advice that I should '...tidy myself up a bit.' (Oriel circa eight years ago) You should see me at time of the morning. I think I'll go to bed. All the best. David.

David <>
Rosebush, No county/state, No country - 03:28:10 Saturday 09 February 2002
Cardiff City 2 Leeds United 1

Need one say more.

Blooooobirds !

Tony and Julie Finch <>
Telford, Shropshire, UK - 20:57:13 Wednesday 09 January 2002
Great site - at last I will be able to remember Belinda's birthday! Mine, however, seems sadly to have been overlooked. August 20th!!
Jon <>
London, No county/state, No country - 18:02:01 Wednesday 02 January 2002
Smashing website; great links too!
Check out my archive on Welsh popular culture at: The Wolf Man Knew My Father:
Can I put your site address on my links page?

Wolf Man <>
Cardiff, Glam, Wales - 19:18:30 Thursday 29 November 2001
Dear Peter Finch,

I enjoyed my ramble through your website, especially the RS Thomas info. What I'm looking for is work/info on David Jones, poet. Can you help? Also, I'm interested in the reading tomorrow at Waterstones Chester, on the recently published book on the River Dee - I've written a poem about the Ceiriog and had thought of doing something similar for that river, before I heard about the reading tomorrow!

Many thanks,

Geraldine Green

Geraldine Green <>
Chester, Cheshire, Britain - 18:41:51 Wednesday 28 November 2001
The words are all too nice. They convey meaning and have been written with thought and care. The sentences all have their own rhythm and behind them are pictures you only see when you read them again. The writings are the sad ramblings of a man with a genuine feeling for his subject. It is all wasted on the City of Cardiff. It would be a better site with more:
Reflect what it is like to live here, where the Council undertake sleazy deals to destroy beautiful places and all the socialist politicians regard Animal Farm as the manula for fare and succesful local government.

No name given <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 13:20:07 Friday 23 November 2001
Hi Peter

Excellent site full of good stuff.

Don't know if you're interested, but BeWrite are currently publishing collections on the web. They are at The Poetry Editor, Heather Grace, is extremely personable, based in Montreal, and might be a good contact if you want to extend your influence to Canada.

Take care

Tony LJ

Tony Lewis-Jones <>
BRISTOL, BRISTOL, U.K. - 12:40:41 Sunday 11 November 2001
Although I presendly live on a utopian scenic island, I'm planning to retire to the Coed Mawr estate
overlooking the River Teifi and there I will write poetry in my turret and go browsing at fish in my coracle
on weekends. If you plan to call on me there, bring fresh berries and cream. I'll have the tea and
biscuits waiting and hot.


Cheryl Cudmore <>
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada - 02:33:02 Wednesday 07 November 2001
your website is miraculous, but i didn't see any prices or anything on costs to publish poems unless i passed it up, so could you let me know if there are any?
julie thrall <>
hammond, indiana, united states - 21:17:43 Tuesday 06 November 2001
try opium
tom <>
budapest, de-scaled, hungary - 21:54:41 Tuesday 16 October 2001
Hi Peter, long time no see, great to check in on your site and see you're still as brilliant crazy as ever ... sunset on the ruby water -
greetings! Will

Will Parfitt <>
Glastonbury, Somerset, U.K. - 23:10:50 Friday 28 September 2001
Hi! I truly enjoyed the information for new writers and plan on buying that book. There is so much that I DON'T KNOW and feel that this is an excellent start on my journey.

Thanks for everything and many blessings to you and yours!

Ken Dennis <>
Charlotte, NC, USA - 04:05:12 Sunday 02 September 2001
As a new Author I found the information in your book very interesting
I believe that every new Author should have a copy.

Dr. Cecil Clarke <>
London, No county/state, England - 11:26:49 Thursday 30 August 2001
I wanted to read your poetry, I did and .. well what? I write contemporary stuff but that! well sorry didn't like it and wanted to read real poetry, do you just write anything that comes into your head and then call yourself a poet - not the idea. You've gotta have soul. When I read my poetry people gasp, you've just inspired me to create a web site THANKS
sacha brown <>
caerphilly, cardiff, wales - 22:22:45 Friday 24 August 2001
Our Cats are well fed
As are our minds
the site
is as Belles bowl
Some evidence of saliva
But that is the way of the feline
and the pentameter line
I am and
The same
Glastonbury (cattery) 2001 xx

Bond <Pompey Bond @ AOL.UK>
Cardiff, No county/state, Wales - 22:35:49 Monday 06 August 2001
peter, Looks very helpfull indeed as I am in the progress of sending some of my work to publishing companies.Although i'm quite scared of doing this it would be my dream to publish my work at pour open my soul to the public!(be warned) but for now it's only a hobby which I am addicted to! but we will have to wait and see I suppose.I will be buting a copy of your book to indulge in too!! thanx for your help!!!
Jemma <>
london, No county/state, plumstead - 00:47:45 Wednesday 01 August 2001
you learn something new every day
peter finch

peter c finch <>
mount isa, queensland, australia - 07:26:14 Sunday 29 July 2001
Dear Mr Finch,

Our site is

May I ask three things.

1. Do you have any articles that we can publish at our RESOURCES button.

2. Would you like to submit some text and the direct link to your book Urls. We will put that up for free on our site.

3. May we be listed on your web site and would you please pass our details on.


Graham Cook

Charlbury, OXON, England - 07:45:18 Friday 22 June 2001
As a member of one of Cardiff's bands during the early 80's I bought and read John Williams second novel and found that it read like a tour guide of every venue that we ever played in. He mentioned The Montmerence club ('Montys' colloquially) but I couldn't remember where it was. Your website provided the answer (plus a mention of Grassroots, where we used to rehe#### quite often). Thanks.

Rob Lewis <>
London, Kent, UK - 16:43:03 Monday 11 June 2001
Not a comment about the web site but about the book 'How To Publish Your Poetry'. Just wanted to say how useful and well written I found it to be.

That's all.

Verian Thomas <>
Southam, Warks, GB - 22:16:32 Thursday 17 May 2001
Hey, nice website you've got here. Maybe you'd be interested in The Poetry Files? If you are, you can find it at

Nikki <>
No town/city, Powys, UK - 22:40:24 Tuesday 15 May 2001
As a lover of both Wales and poetry I was fascinated. You convey simple truths simply and truthfully which is the essence of poetry.
One of my favourites is A Welsh Wordscape, which is very funny, very sad and constructed with great elegance. Not a single word is redundant.
I'm in process of constructing a website for ex-pats at and would love to include this poem on a poetry page. I would of course be happy to provide a Link to your own site.

Nigel Swift <>
Stourport, WORCS, UK - 09:15:00 Thursday 10 May 2001
o its just pure textational, supersextext, rummage mittens floorscreen scour pants, gangrene effervescent tooth tingle, switch flixed, troust and trout, bunion hoops, randy-floss teeth waxing, relish and rouse, patch spool, mind floss, on the brig and wapable, seashape and recycled positively sculptural, self-promo candy, wild man maverdick, time screened soul fleece, better than ever, good domain name - blessings (o bye the way, seen this month's Wire magazine: Adventures in New Music, yr mentioned in a fantastic article on BobCob, HenriChop & All in Tangent 6: Apocalypse Poetry, chk-it-owt) Chris xxx
Chris Ozzard <>
Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire, Wales - 00:20:02 Thursday 03 May 2001
Vere cool I like it! - Just gonna post a public message if you don't mind!
If anybody wants to exchange links or small banner buttons
with a poetry and artwork website with about 12.000 visitors
each month please mail me or go to

Harry Humle <darkhorse'>
Odense, Fyn, Denmark - 09:53:24 Monday 16 April 2001
I was born in Roath Park Cardiff in 1932 visited the docks one day in 1950 and joined the Merchant Navy.
I made a return visit in 1999 and found myself a stranger.
Today I found your site and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for a short while at least I was able to relive forgotten names and memories. Thank you Peter.
Allan Lawrence.

A.D.Lawrence <>
Trowbridge, Wiltshire, U.K. - 17:57:33 Saturday 07 April 2001
It's cool
Duncan Stewart <>
tottenham, Canada, Canada - 16:44:28 Friday 06 April 2001
Peter, I have been a fan of yours (though I must admit not
actually your work) for many years now. I remember most
the first time I read 'How to Publish Your Poetry' and was
captivated- I didn't really read your notes about improving
ones work before moving on to the other chapters, I just
jumped in, headfirst. But I'm glad to say that I have learnt
my lesson now, if the hard way. I know this makes me sound
like I have a poor social life (!) but I find myself reading
the latter title along with 'How to Publish Yourself' and your
sections in the 'Writers Handbook' rather frequently.

All I can say is, thank you Peter. You have certainly given
me a kick in the right direction, and I'm sure many more
successful/soon-to-be-successful poets have benefited from
your work too.

Thanks once again.

Ben Barton.

Ben Barton <>
Folkestone, Kent, UK - 12:42:11 Monday 26 March 2001
Very interesting, but strange at the same time. I mean, with a lot of literature & poetry (the Peter Finch I knew from his books), but so surprisingly 'familiar' and 'personal'! Yes, interesting!

Patrick Gasperini <>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 17:17:20 Saturday 17 March 2001
Excellent site, Peter, though as others have said here, if you want comments on the whole site I'll get back to you in about 3 years..
I have absolutely no comment on those groovy old photos of you in a 'Fan Man'-stylee, obviously.
What about setting up an ongoing Epic Poem on the site - visitors can add lines, take up themes, etc. as time goes by (and doesn't it)? You might end up with the longest poem ever written on the site: that'll be publicity for you, publicity for writers in Wales, but it'll upset your ISP no end when they see how much space you're using.
Anyway, enough banter. Great site!

John Gimblett <>
Newport, South Wales, UK - 15:09:03 Tuesday 27 February 2001
Hi Peter! Just wanted to say that I am really glad to have discovered your fascinating website with more poetry-related links than I have ever seen and some interesting and descriptive writings too. I spent absolutely ages browsing through it all and also had a look at the Second Aeon information. As it happens, I have a fairly well-preserved copy of double issue 8&9 here, although it has lost the poster poem, which, I seem to remember, adorned various walls and has long vanished into the mists of time. Fred Daly, who has his work in this particular double edition, is a friend of mine and I saw him the other week at the Incredible String Band gig at the Coal Exchange. Yes, its a small world indeed! I shall be returning soon, and on future visits, to check out as many links as I can, and thanx, Peter, for putting one to my own. If we link them all together the world will be smaller still and bigger at the same time! Best wishes, Steve Andrews aka The Bard of Ely.
Steve Andrews <>
Cardiff, CARDIFF, WALES - 20:27:17 Monday 26 February 2001

will finch <>
cardiff, No county/state, No country - 17:37:37 Tuesday 20 February 2001

Hope you are well.

I'm currently moderator

all best


keitharmstrong < >
London, No county/state, No country - 04:57:53 Saturday 17 February 2001
Excellent, wideranging & informative. Looking to breakthrough via.
Peter Dean <Email address not supplied>
Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambs - 15:39:45 Monday 05 February 2001
tasty site peter. i'll come back again; when i've got a spare month. spot on. later
lloyd robson <>
cardiff, cardiff, wales - 03:17:25 Tuesday 30 January 2001
I was looking for Gillian Clarke's poem 'Babysitting'and I couldn't find it
Thanx anyway H

Hayley <>
Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England - 10:21:19 Wednesday 10 January 2001
Dear Peter, just found your web site and its great - wish there were more.
There should really be a list of poets web sites at the poetry society
so that people can zap around. At the moment, so much of what's around
is crap.
If you want a look at my own site its

Can I put a link in from mine to yours?
best wishes

kathleen Jones <>
appleby, cumbria, uk - 14:41:03 Tuesday 09 January 2001
....extremely well designed site...a portal to..a ride on a wild fish...with razor blades replacing scales....
richard zola <>
london, No county/state, england - 01:54:09 Sunday 07 January 2001

Enjoyed Peter's chapters in The Writer's Handbook 2001. Reading these prompted me to browse to this site. For brevity and branding purposes suggest that for promotional purposes '' is used rather than ''.

The first address above would appeal to most of your audience. It has a sense of balance that poets would understand.

Neil Thomson

Neil Thomson <>
Glasgow, No county/state, Scotland - 22:05:03 Thursday 04 January 2001
Looking for 'deep throat' but stumbled on your site. Your site is very nice but I'm still dissapointed by 'deep throat'.
David Coombs <>
caardiff, the three brewers, cymru - 21:58:46 Thursday 28 December 2000
I have added a link to your site at PERFORMANCE POETRY at
Billy Marshall Stoneking <>
Rosebud West, Victoria, Australia - 09:35:58 Sunday 24 December 2000

So you finks half of us thinks wees livin in da wes country eh? Well you waits till I gets me ands on yous, yous cheeky sod!!!
Tophwr Mills <>
Kaairdiff, No county/state, No country - 15:48:03 Friday 15 December 2000
A facinating and very thought provoking article on Cardiff.
I was a student there until 1990 and will be attending a
university reunion there in December.

As a student you often feel your university town/city was the
best, often a reflection of the heady lives of students. Cardiff
really was and obviously still is a vibrant, multicultural city
with a strong European identity. This is something all residents
of Wales should be proud off.

Grant Grindley <>
Bristol, bristol, UK - 07:30:10 Tuesday 07 November 2000
Dear Peter, It's been a very long time. Used your name as a reference in recent letter to Gower books from my bookshop, Collected Works , Basement / 256 Flinders St., Melbourne 3000, Australia. But, anyway, have just been having a look for some old & newer friends (eg, Jeremy reed, Jeremy hilton, Peter Riley, Nick Johnston, John Hall, Tim Longville) with no success, and thought that you good sir would be bound to be here. And you are! How are you??? See you around, regards, Kris Hemensley.
Kris Hemensley <>
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 11:03:31 Monday 30 October 2000
Impressive web pages. You have been helpful to unknowns such as myself by keeping me informed of events and taking some of the mystery out of bieng a poet. I may not have made the 'sampler' shortlist at this stage but I'm looking forward to rubbing shoulders with you very soon,
Regards Joseph

CHURCH VILLAGE , Mid Glamorgan, God's own - 01:42:10 Wednesday 25 October 2000
Hi Peter
Great site, however, I can't find the answer in your book on how to present 2 Volumes, in a Series of Novels, to a major Book Seller - such as WH Smiths.
Have the Novels got to be in print, or will they buy from a synopsis of the Novels?
The third Novel in the same Series, Science Fiction, is in the writing.
Can you advise?

Jim (Writing under James T. Lay)

Jim Lay <>
Chard, Somerset, uk - 20:49:25 Wednesday 18 October 2000
A fabulous site. Probably the best Poetry site I have ever been to.
Keep up the good work Peter.

Philip Vexun <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 13:09:09 Friday 06 October 2000
Hello Peter,
Just looked through your archive pictures, and I realise we have probably met before, if not Welsh functions? I was at the Beat Dreams event in Plymouth in 1987. I don't remember speaking to you directly, but I do remember a funny story about Ginsberg's father?!!!!
Anyway I wonder if you remember me - I was heavily pregnant at the time, my daughter was born in early August of that year. I also wonder whether you have more photographs of that event, as I'd be very interested to see them...
I haven't had an indepth look at your web site yet, so can't comment fully, but it's so far so good.
With best wishes,
Jo Hughes

Jo Hughes <>
Swansea, Wales, Land of our fathers - 09:53:06 Friday 29 September 2000
Sadness at R.S. Thomas' death. Gives National Poetry Day a certain amount of heaviness & credibility (for once).
chris brooke <>
Cardiff, S.Glam, Wales - 15:23:26 Tuesday 26 September 2000
Extremely varied (and a good mix of the personal and historical), but organised with great clarity. A lucid design, and in its own way an awesome website. This is the site of someone incredibly creative, and we can't have too much of this!
Robert Richardson <>
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK - 11:04:26 Tuesday 26 September 2000
Like the new website dad.

Please remove the picture of me!!

Belinda Finch <>
London, No county/state, No country - 15:16:56 Monday 25 September 2000
It almost makes me want a WAP phone.
Ifor Thomas <>
Cardiff, No county/state, Wales - 21:28:47 Tuesday 12 September 2000
HOOGE make-over Pete - impressed. Nice & 'pagey' now, rather than a looong list-a-things.
chris brooke <>
cardiff, south glamorgan, wales - 23:29:09 Monday 04 September 2000
enjoyed your site; very interesting. I'll have to come back as there's a lot on here.
Finella Davenport <>
Manchester, No county/state, No country - 22:23:51 Monday 28 August 2000
Look yur fishhead, i only came for the bloody WUW website number and i bin ere twoo bloody hours! Ave yous got any idea what my phone bills gonna be? Experimental sods like you should be oblongified.So dis is wat da web dus for yew,
nor if i cun yelp it. ow dooes i gez owtta this ting.......

Topher again <redsharks@madasafish>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 02:22:17 Thursday 27 April 2000
Where is The Welsh Union of Writers pete?
Topher <redsharks@madasafish>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 02:04:04 Thursday 27 April 2000
Peter Finch would be delighted with 'Y Bardd Cocos', a late nineteent century verser from 'Y Borth'. But, 'Y bardd Cocos' had a mite more style then Peter; the old guy propsed to Queen Victoria, and lauded her with his verbose but colorful verse. Regretably, his ardour was not returned, and who knows, there might exist today a monarch in England who is not entirel dotty. How about Peter trying it out with Liz? The 'Bardd Cocos' did, after all, set an enviable precedent.
Milgimain <>
Jasper, Alberta, Canada - 18:08:46 Friday 21 April 2000

(short version)


Gleitzeit style based on depiction of visual flexibility with theoretical flexibility.
A painting which purpose is to achieve composition of enclosure.
Art based on the depiction of a circle evolution of understanding and seeing.
A kind of art which draws upon imagery and seeks to reveal and abstract idea of the connection within.
It's flexible because it has multiple principles.
Paintings with a capacity to change visually by the artistic magic changing your subconscious mind.
It is a session of Hypnosis which controls you by a disorganized absolute harmony of everything expected from a 'nonexistent' picture.
It depends upon the pattern of line as a primal creator of whatever associated or disassociated from the theme.
The artist's mind is the superior beginning of the line, but the line is free and emancipated.
Flexi is a new neo-pro-anti-post

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yustas kotz-gottlieb <>
new york, ny, usa - 18:07:46 Thursday 30 March 2000
Inadvertently upset an old and sensitive (to something) friend by forwarding a copy of your Gluten Page ... good sign or bad? Meantime, thanks for one of the best poet-run sites on the web.
Peter Manson <>
Glasgow, No county/state, Scotland - 20:18:21 Friday 17 March 2000
veryveryveryveryveryinteresting and informative. The history of Second Aeon took me back thirty years to names such as Huw Morgan, Will Parfitt, etc. Where are they now ?
Also the interview.... I never knew you'd been asked to edit Poetry Review - wish you'd have taken it on, would have helped to re-route the course of UK establishment poetry. And would Carol Ann Duffy have become Britain's poetry queen then ?

Brian Wake <>
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK - 15:24:40 Friday 11 February 2000
Great site, peter! One of the best I've seen. Try Do you know whether Jeff Towns who runs the Dylan Bookshop has an email address? Best Charles
charles Fisher <>
Swansea, Nevada, France - 02:45:47 Wednesday 02 February 2000
I saw your picture and immediately fell in love.

I bet you read your poems with a really deep, husky voice.

I don't live very far and would love to meet you.

If you're game let me know.

Look forward to meeting my dream man in person.



Juicy Lucy <>
Nearby, To you, No country - 20:38:08 Tuesday 11 January 2000
Hello uncle peter just visted your site with Dad. Nice pictures!!!!!!

C U Soon


Matthew <>
Telford, Shropshire, uk - 20:32:22 Tuesday 11 January 2000
I've just looked at your photo gallery Mr Finch and I've
realised that you remind me of a character in Gunter Grass's
THE TIN DRUM, which I have just finished reading, although
for the life of me, I cannot remember his name,he appears
near the end of the novel he's married and has a cabinet
filled with drinking glasses, every time his wife gets him
angry he opens the cabinet and throws a few on the floor
and across the room he's wife then sweeps up the remains.
Please do not think me a nut/(or) strange person in bringing
this to your attention.
I myself, am in the last six months of my b.a fine art
i am mildly dislexic. Language is a fasinating thing,I love
the printed format the smell of old books the colour of
old paper its fragility.words can crumble can't they?
Your web site has impressed me very much it is packed with
information. please write back it would be nice to have
some kind of correspondence oh and hello!.

oskar the main character in THE TIN DRUM gave him a nickname
he was called the hedgehog if i remember rightly
(no offence ment).

matthew leonard webb <>
northampton, northants, uk - 23:40:21 Monday 10 January 2000
I have enjoyed my visit to your site very much and will have to come back later to check out the things I missed!
Thank you.

La Vizelle <>
No town/city, Durham, UK - 04:27:29 Sunday 09 January 2000
I found your sites very interesting, especially since I have just published my first childrens book, which my 15 year old has illustrated, its due out in Jan 200. It was good reading the tips. I am now having to do the daunting task of advertising and selling my book! mm Maybe I need to purchase a few more of your help books.

Happy new year by the way.

Julie Hodgson <>
Barbon, Cumbria, UK - 22:20:43 Sunday 26 December 1999
Boxing day was so boring that I could only find your web site to look at. Never mind it proved quite interesting and at least you now have my e-mail address. Have a happy new year. I've written you a poem.....

The hen is a creature
Which although it has wings
can flap and can flap
But can't use the damn things

The difficiencys made up
By a fine pair of legs
On which it can strut
When its not laying eggs

Tony Finch <>
Telford, Shropshire, No country - 13:01:13 Sunday 26 December 1999
I have been assigned to do a twenty page paper on any living poet of my choice. I decided on Peter Finch though I admit I know very little about him. I need examples of his work, reviews and criticisms. If anyone has information I would greatly appreciate it! I have just begun my research but all sources you could offer will be a help. Thank you for your time!

Ashley <>
No town/city, PA, USA - 18:50:54 Monday 20 December 1999
Good Afternoon Uncle Peter.

I never new you had a website, found it accidently while searching the web. Looks good, keep up the good work.


Tim Finch <>
Telford, Shropshire, England - 14:39:01 Monday 06 December 1999
Interesting site . . . Informative beyond belief. :)

Erin Smith <>
Providence, RI, USA - 02:41:51 Tuesday 26 October 1999
i`m doing this backwards - started at guest book - read the
interview in Binary Myths 2 - heard yourself and Sheenagh
Pugh on radio 4; if you ever need a stand-in my mate does
a corking impression of you reading the Welsh telephone
directory poem. this would only work on radio, however.
we`ve met, you read at City Gate, Exeter last year, and I
introduced. have been awaiting opportunity to access this
site since then!

sandra <>
exeter, devon, blighty - 17:20:43 Friday 22 October 1999
No comment left
sandra <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 17:12:59 Friday 22 October 1999
Your shake holes poem went down well with my sixth form. Especially when they compared it with the R S Thomas thing about reservoirs - sorry can't remember the titles. I'm doing some teacher's resources on some of your stuff - not for the faint-hearted but good fun. Hope you're all well.
Mair <>
cardiff, No county/state, Cymru - 21:21:13 Wednesday 18 August 1999


Richard H Powell < uk>
Cardiff, South Glamorgan, U.K. - 18:35:06 Sunday 11 July 1999
No comment left
No name given <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 22:25:01 Tuesday 06 July 1999
When I was twenty I thought that 'Welsh Landscape' was one of the best poems I knew. Now, much older, I'm really impressed by 'Welsh Wordscape' - a clever pastiche that's more than merely clever and much more than a pastiche. Thanks for the site and all the poetry and information on it. Gill
Gill Callen <gill@windmill2642>
Worcester, No county/state, England - 05:29:08 Saturday 03 July 1999
I'm in the library with 20 minutes to go booked on the Internet, and not enough time to even begin skimming the surface of your site. Fascinating, have looked at Shenagh Pugh's site briefly, but there's too much! I'll be back.
Kay Fletcher <Email address not supplied>
Tipton, West Midlands, England - 12:37:12 Thursday 03 June 1999
Loved the pictures, Peter! (The last one looks like shades of Big Brother...)
Tony Brown <>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 16:54:35 Friday 28 May 1999
You sound fascinating!

I'm looking for a 'pub' poet to read his humerous poetry atmy dinner party for 9 people on Saturday 5th June for about 40 minutes. Any suggestions?

Keep up the good work. David

David Etherton < your email>
Wanstead, East London, U.K - 18:54:02 Tuesday 25 May 1999
Cnoc, cnoc, 'Morning Peter.' Enjoyed the site. Good to see the ignored and indignant still send you poems. All the best, Nick (Oriel 1992-97)
Nick Davies <>
Llangrannog, Ceredigion, wwwales - 17:54:20 Sunday 21 March 1999
Dale Lawerence <>
Blah, Blah, blah - 18:20:27 Thursday 18 March 1999
Reading the comments and poetry that have been left in this guestbook makes me feel embarassed to have come anywhere near. What the #### is that thing above? Sands of time? Death's sting?? It really is pitiful.
Not sure what I think of your poems. Not enough in them is 'transformed' (in my opinion). A dashboard is a dashboard etc etc

Ben Yarde Buler <>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 12:04:59 Thursday 11 March 1999
academi <>
Caerdydd, , Cymru - 14:14:23 Wednesday 03 March 1999
Great site, so rich.
Be back for more.
The Grooms link to Welsh authors didn't work
Maybe you can tell me how to get there/
Enjoyed your reading here a while back.

Michael Woodward <>
Abergavenny, No county/state, No country - 14:27:36 Wednesday 10 February 1999
Just had a quick look, I'll be looking over it again, seems
there is stacks of info which I will find useful. I've only
been writing since last April and I've just reached the stage
where I'm confident enough to have my poetry displayed to the
public. I've got about 170 completed poems and most of my work
at the moment is restructuring some of them for publication,
I have about 130 on my website which are 'centered' for suitable
web viewing. I'm finding that I need to reconstruct them in
different ways to please different publishers. This is a time
consuming job, these EDITORS are very self opinionated and I'm
getting the feeling that a lot of them are trying to make young
writers conform to their way of thinking, regarding to what is
and what isn't good poetry. There is a real danger of objectivity
in poetry disappearing it is obviously deminishing in some circles
and if this continues Poetry will soon be defined as
'Personal Opinions Expressed Though Restricting Yours'.
Poetry in my opinion is the most diverse of all arts, and a good mixture
goes down well most lovers of this art. I'm only at the stage of trying
to please small press publishers, seems I've got a hard rough road ahead
of me, still, I'll plod on because I love what I read and I'm pleased with
what I write, I'm not all that crazy about being accepted in the elite circle,
but I would like to be read by the majority of my fellows - the common people.
If anyone can point me in the way to an unbiased EDITOR that would print
something like the following I'd be obliged.

'Taken Without A Fight'

Laid down on sands of time
laid back with no regret,
not yet;
no fear of oncoming tides
encircling, engulfed within
where death's sting abides.
Life's rapture already
sodden, a quick re-think,
no reprieve, breath stops.
An empty bottle floats.
Long time companions
both drained
of life's pains
and exhilarations.

Esmond Jones <>
Swansea., W.Glam.,, UK. - 05:07:21 Saturday 09 January 1999
Thank you for all the valuable information given on your site.
I'll be checking back regularly. To express ourselves and get
connected with all of life is what it is all about!!

Gita/freeformat <>
No town/city, No county/state, USA - 04:48:06 Saturday 02 January 1999
Thanks for your helpful comments. I have recently published a book called Millennium, please see
Philip Haynes <>
Chichester, West Sussex, UK - 08:42:02 Sunday 29 November 1998
Sunday 25th October, 1998, 4:30 Paris time

Dear Peter Finch,

Your book on publishing poetry, the earlier edition, has been a constant companion, since purchase at Times Square, New York City, many years ago.

Its common sense approach and its sure sense of not exciting expectations for more than the market can bear, which is almost nothing, is refreshing.

For this reason alone, the formidable competition is not formidiable at all.

People do tend to chatter on about the market for new poets (who can neither be shot and mounted, nor smoked and served, publically) as if this was more than whistling in the dark.

I look forward to reading the latest edition which, on the basis of the trial chapter, is superb. On the basis of the material here, you do encourage writers to actually break down and purchase subscriptions themselves - very daring!

Thank You,

Geoff Leone

Copenhagen, Denmark

geoff leone <>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 15:33:36 Sunday 25 October 1998
I find interesting the whole web page. But what I like most is that photo in the garden. That´s pure art.

Go ahead and fight for your rights.

Mr.Harms (Dutch professor) <>
Enschede, No county/state, The Netherlands - 20:20:16 Tuesday 01 September 1998
Rydw i'n meddwl -- mae'n ddrwg gen i -- fy mod i'n hoff iawn eich poem chiyn 'Wenglish'; yr un a dweud '...blydi am i' yn y llun cyntaf.
Achos, os oes ysgrifenwr enwog Cymraeg yn gwneud ei iaith ef fel honno, gobeithio ni fydd y byd dim yn ddu. Efallai dydd yn dod pan fe fyddwn i yn siarad fy 'Teach Yourself' Cymraeg gan y bechgyn mawr Cymry!
Diolch. Yn Gwir!

Tony Spurlock <>
Berkeley, California, Unol Daleithiau - 07:21:24 Saturday 22 August 1998
Well.... I am a friend of your son (Dan). I met him in Holland and he showed me your lastest book, I did not understand very well the meaning of some poems but I liked the one that had the title in spanish .....something like besame mucho...........Anyway I would like to visit Wales some day and listen to that language you got.

See you.


Alvaro Garcia Alcazar <>
Villarreal, Castellon, Spain - 19:17:29 Tuesday 21 July 1998
Possibly the best internet site I have ever seen. He should be given an oscar. He should be a millioaire.
Vinny Diamond <>
New York, No county/state, No country - 13:15:37 Wednesday 29 April 1998
Possibly the best internet site I have ever seen. He should be given an oscar. He should be a millioaire.
Vinny Diamond <>
New York, No county/state, No country - 13:15:34 Wednesday 29 April 1998
Possibly the best internet site I have ever seen. He should be given an oscar. He should be a millioaire.
Vinny Diamond <>
New York, No county/state, No country - 13:15:28 Wednesday 29 April 1998
No comment left
Peter Nicholson <>
Darlington, Co. Durham, United Kingdom - 13:19:27 Tuesday 14 April 1998
No comment left
Peter Nicholson <>
Darlington, No county/state, No country - 13:18:36 Tuesday 14 April 1998
It's a 'yes' site, a flow sight, a very very grow site,
a 'want to take it slow' site, a never say no type of site.
Thank you Peter. Got to go (g'night).

Fiona Owen <>
Llanfaelog - not quite a town!, Ynys Môn, Wales - 21:46:38 Thursday 09 April 1998
we all think it's grand - lippy doo
pussy pei <you know it>
cardiff, No county/state, wales - 11:50:56 Thursday 02 April 1998
Thanks for the supportive comments. I think that there are many
greatly talented people that have not before had the opportunity
to express themselves and grow. If 'Israel 4 b.c. had no mass communication
then today we are on the threshold of almost total access to each other
and the promise this brings is certainly without measure.

henry dale duke <>
brownsville, Oregon, USA - 05:51:29 Saturday 28 March 1998
It's the way forward
Peter Finch <>
Cardiff, No county/state, Wales - 17:07:31 Monday 23 March 1998

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