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Second Aeon Magazine issue by issue

editor Peter Finch


Issue 1
February 1967
6 foolscap pages of the work of Peter Finch. Total print run - 100 copies

Issue 2
June, 1967
12 pages of Wes Magee, Peter Finch, Jan Leslie Olsen, Cavan McCarthy, Keith Armstrong & Adrian Mitchell (Peace Is Milk, War Is Acid). Most of this issue burned by Olsen who discovered Christ after he'd submitted his Devil poetry but before the magazine actually appeared. Copies are therefore rare.

Issue 3
September, 1967
16 pages: Wes Magee, Peter Finch, Stephen Morris, Gabriel Levine, Anna Scher, Chas Hepplewhite, Steve Sneyd, Lyndon Puw, Martin Petavel & more

Issue 4
early 1968
Brian Wake, Chrissie Smith, Peter Hoida, David Stringer, Paul Green, Ish Yair, & others

Issue 5
mid 1968
Work by Adrian Henri, Wynn Islwyn Davies, Geraint Jarman, Penny Watkins, Anna Scher, Mike Horovitz, Chris Torrance, Francine Allen, Ruth Blackmore, Martin Petavel & others

Issue 6
late 1968
Poems from, among others, David Roberts, George Dowden, Jim Burns, John Gwyn Griffiths, Bob Cobbing, Allen Ginsberg, Raymond Garlick, Cavan McCarthy, Alan Jackson, Umberto Saba.

Issue 7
early 1969
last of the smaller issues - work from d a levy, Brian Patten, David Callard, Krishna Srinivas, Geraint Jarman, Leroi Jones, Ish Yair, Chris Torrance, Bill Wyatt, Bob Cobbing, John Fairfax, Tony Curtis & others

Issue 8 & 9 (double)
mid 1969
Flap containing pull out boom poster poem by Peter Finch. Poems by William Wantling, Pablo Neruda, dsh, Iain Sinclair, Doug Blazek, Dave Cunliffe, Roger McGough, B.C.Leale, Martin Booth, Adrian Henri, Geraint Jarman, Meg Wright, Jim Burns, Alan Sillitoe

Issue 10
December, 1969
Pull out small press scene plus a plastic bag containing concrete poem cards from John Furnival, Edwin Morgan, Will Parfitt, Peter Finch, & Bob Cobbing . Body of the magazine contained work from peter Mayer, Brian Wake, Harry Guest, Peter Gruffydd, Gene Fowler, Tina Morris, Alan Bold, Allen Halsey, Iain Sinclair, Barry MacSweeney, dsh, Edwin Morgan, Thomas a Clark, George Dowden, William Wantling, Alan Perry, Peter Porter, Wes Magee, Gary Snyder, Tom Earley, Paul Evans, Marguerite Edmonds & others.

Issue 11
Large small press scene, fiction from Jeff Nuttall, visuals from J P Ward, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Joaquim Branco, dsh & others. Poets included John Ormond, Alan Perry, Iain Sinclair, Gary Snyder, Bill Wyatt, William Wantling, James Blish, Julie Cashford, Owen Davis, Gene Fowler, Pete Hoida, Edwin Morgan, John Idris Jones, Tom Kryss, Andrew Lloyd, Ulli McCarthy & many others

Issue 12
included Dannie Abse, George Barker, Jim Burns, Don Cauble, Dave Cunliffe, Tony Curtis, George Dowden, Peter Gruffydd, Harry Guest, Frances Horovitz, Glyn Hughes, John Idris Jones, Mike Horovitz, Barry MacSweeney, Pablo Neruda, Jeff Nuttall, Peter Redgrove, Tom Raworth, Chris Torrance, John Tripp, William Wantling, Paul Brown, Henri Chopin, Anne Lewis Smith, Charles Verey & many others. Usual lengthy small press scene.

Issue 13
April 1971
among the poets were Dannie Abse, Gavin Bantock, Robert Bly, Charles Bukowski, Julie Cashford, Pradip Choudhuri, dsh, Adrian Henri, Emyr Humphreys, Frances Horovitz, Glyn Hughes, John James, George Macbeth, Yukio Mishima, Peter Redgrove, Penelope Shuttle, David Tipton, Tristan Tzara, Herbert Williams, William Wantling, Hans Verhagen & others. Experimental work from Bob Cobbing, Jennifer Pike, dsh, Edwin Morgan, Jiri Valoch, Alison Bielski. Fiction from Opal L nations & Ian Robinson. A letters section and more small press scene.

Issue 14
October 1971
perfect bound with a startling cover by Jochen Gerz. The new format of poetry, small press round up, letters, fiction and features was firmly established. Featured was Alan Bold's fiction, a letters section, an extract from Opal L nation's novel Stanley & Tie-tars, pages from Tom Phillips' a humument, Iain Sinclair interviewing Allen Ginsberg, Miroljub Todorovic in Yugoslavia's visual poetry movement Signalism, plus an article on Poet's Conference. Visual work came from Jiri Valoch, Paul Brown, Hans Clavin, Mike Giller, Adrezej Jackowski, Edwin Morgan & Nick Zurbrugg. Poems by William Wantling, Juan Banuelos, Charles Bukowski, Bill Butler, Julie Cashford, Roy Fuller, Louis Ginsberg, Bryn Griffiths, Marilyn Hacker, John Tripp, Chris Torrance, D.M.Thomas, Iain Sinclair, Peter Redgrove, Penelope Shuttle, Octavio Paz, Philip Pacey, Leslie Norris, Susan Musgrave, Edward Lucie-Smith, Federico Garcia Lorca, Pablo Neruda, John Idris Jones, Kris Hemensley and many others

Issue 15
June 1972
Perfect bound with a cover by Zoonimir Kostic Palanski. Features included Nick Zurbrugg on the typographical problems of concrete poetry, Ian Breakwell and Roland Miller on contemporary theatre, fiction from Jim Burns and Michael Butterworth, a large letters section. Poetry from Cid Corman, Asa Beneviste, D.M.Black, Robert Bly, Michel Deguy, Robert Desnos, John Digby, Clayton Eshleman, Ruth Feldman, Andrea Finn, Raymond Garlick, Paul Gogarty, Harry Guest, Adrian Henri, Dick Higgins, John James, Abelardo Sanchez Leon, Alexis Lykiard, Brown Miller, Wes Magee, Eric Mottram, Cesare Pavese, Barry MacSweeney, Miklos Radnoti, Peter Redgrove, Tony Rudolf, R.S.Thomas, Bill Wyatt, John Tripp, Gael Turnbull, D.M.Thomas, Philip Whalen, Edwin Morgan, Nina Carroll, Bob Cobbing, Jochen Gerz, John J Sharkey & a host more.

Issue 16/7
The fat blue double. Cover by John Furnival. Features: the small press scene at enormous length, fiction from Alexis Lykiard, Opal L Nations, Eric Mottram on the work of Bob Cobbing, Alison Knowles on spoken performance, a letters section, more on Poet's Conference. Poetry from Antipater of Sidon, Dannie Abse, Charles Bukowski, Jim Burns, William Burroughs, Julie Cashford, Cid Corman, Thomas A Clark, William Cox, Theodore Enslin, Clayton Eshleman, Peter Finch, Duncan Glen, Yannis Goumas, Bill Griffiths, David H W Grubb, Harry Guest, Marilyn Hacker, Cyril Hodges, Holderlin, Ena Hollis, Peter Jay, Nicki Jackowska, Peter Levi, Tim Longville, Ulli McCarthy, Edwin Morgan, Nossis. Peter Redgrove, Theodore Weiss, J.P.Ward, Hans Verhagen, William Sherman, John Riley, Barry Edgar Pilcher, John Ormond, Julio Ortega, Blas De Otero, Alan Perry, Tom Pickard, Malcolm Parr & many others.

Issue 18
Perfect bound, with a cover by Tom Phillips. Features included Meredith Monk in Liverpool, John Furnival in America, Giles Gordon's Pictures From An Exhibition, Jonathan Griffin's retake on Stephane Mallarme, a letters section, a huge small press scene plus translations from the work of Paul Celan, Tristan Tzara and Cesare Pavese. Poets included Carol Berge, David Black, Robert Bly, Cid Corman, Tony Conran, Gavin Ewart, Lawrence Fixel, Paul Brown, Jack Hirschman, Alan Jackson, Penelope Shuttle, Bill Sherman, James Kirkup, John Tripp, D.M.Thomas, John Wain, Charles Plymell, Thomas Tessier, Maurizio Nannucci, Deirdre Burton, Alan Perry, & many others

Issue 19-21
summer 1974
The final, huge issue with the largest small press scene ever. Features include New Poetry from Japan's Asa Group, John Tripp on Charles Ives, Stanley Bern's experimental novel, Tony Rickaby the rock & roll sculptor, Harry Guest's the don juan papers, Theodore Enslin's Synthesis, Peter Gruffydd's translations of Brecht, Clayton Eshleman's Metro Vavin scam, Ian Breakwell's Diary, and much more. Poets include: Antonin Artuad, Paul Auster, Fred Beake, Harry Bell, Cecile Blanchet, Keith Bosley, Rene Char, Larry Eigner, Robin Fulton, Pierre Garnier, Marilyn Hacker, Jeremy Hilton, Frances Horovitz, Philip Holmes, Pierre Joris, Nicki Jackowska, Jon Klimo, Tim Longville, Barry MacSweeney, John Mattias, John Montague, Susan Musgrave, Robert Nye, Fouad Gabriel Naffah, Ewald Osers, Benjamin Peret, Isel Rivero, William Rowe, Hans Diter Schafer, Penelope Shuttle, Matt Simpson, D.M.Thomas, David Tipton, Tomas Transtromer, John Tripp, Vallejo, J.P.Ward, John Welch, J.L.Wilkinson, Alistair Wisker, Martin Dutton, Bob Cobbing, Paul Brown, Robin Crozier, Ian Robinson, Peter Mayer and many, many more

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Second Aeon Publications

Gavin Bantock Gleeman, 1972

Doug Blazek Climbing Blind, 1970

Doug Blazek If You Are Going To Be Famous, 1975

Martin Booth On The Death Of Archdeacon Broix, 1971

Jim Burns Types, 1970

Paul Brown The Reasons For Leaving Black Daniel, 1971

Paul Brown Venus In Ultraviolet Light, 1973

Bob Cobbing Songsignals, 1972

Bob Cobbing Sockless In Sandals (Collected Poems Vol 6), 1985

Robin Crozier Anthology, 1974

Fred Daly The Humming Of Night, 1970

George Dowden Poems From The Paintings of David Jenkins, 1969

Peter Finch (ed) For Jack Kerouac, 1970

Peter Finch (ed) For Jack Kerouac Revised, 1987

Peter Finch (ed) Typewriter Poems, 1972

Peter Finch (ed) Typewriter Poems (US edition with Something Else Press), 1972

Peter Finch (ed) A Storm of Bloods, 1970

Peter Finch (ed) Second Aeon Travelling Circus Sampler, 1970

Peter Finch Pieces Of The Universe, 1969

Peter Finch Blats, 1972

Peter Finch & Stephen Morris Wanted (For Writing Poetry), 4 editions 1968-9

Michael Gibbs Connotations, 1973

Paul Harris Untelling Hokipens, 1970

Cyril Hodges Remittances, 1971

Geraint Jarman & David Callard Zutique, 1969

Nicki Jackowska The King Rises, 1973

Philip Jenkins The Fantasy Childhood Reset, 1971

Tom Kryss Sleep Like Yellow Thunder, 1970

Andrew Lloyd Twelve Lyrics & Liu, 1973

Alexis Lykiard Greek Images, 1973

Chris Morgan Anarchist In The Rose Garden, 1971

Huw Morgan Anatomy, 1971

Will Parfitt Midnight On The Diamond Air, 1970

Barry Edgar Pilcher Fingers Of Wind, 1975

Malcolm Parr (ed) Found Poems, 1972

Peter Redgrove Loves Journeys, 1971

Kent Taylor Cleveland Dreams, 1971

D.M.Thomas Lilith Prints, 1974

David Tipton Millstone Grit, 1972

John Tripp Bute Park & Other Poems, 1971

John Tripp The Inheritance File, 1973

Gary von Tersch This One Is For Janie, 1971

Charles Verey & Thomas A Clark News From The South, 1970

Brian Wake Ghosts of Myselves, 1969

William Wantling Sick Fly, 1970

William Wantling 10,000 rpm and diggin It, yeah, 1972

William Wantling San Quentin's Stranger (with Caveman Press), 1973

J.P Ward From Alphabet To Logos, 1973


Miscellaneous Publications

Mostly unofficial, out of series, casual, anarchic and in the tradition of both Writers Forum and Ian Hamilton Finlay both of whom knocked out publications in all shapes and sizes whenever creativity demanded it.

Peter Finch You Need Nothing At All

Peter Finch sunpoem

Peter Finch Numerical Chant In the Old Manner

Peter Finch The Mystery of O

Peter Finch The Adventure of S Vol Two

Peter Finch Boom Poem



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No Walls Broadsheet


A 340 x 400 mm poetry sheet was published between 1968 and 1970 as part of the No Walls Poetry Readings held in the Marchioness of Bute, The Blue Anchor, The Moulders Arms, and the Griffin, all central Cardiff public houses with available space.


  • Number One. I Wonder Who She's Sleeping With Now by Fred Daly
  • Number Two. Love Poems including Fred Daly, Phil Cope, Andrew Teague, David Callard, Meg Wright, Peter Finch & Geraint Jarman
  • Number Three. Poems by Cyril Hodges
  • Number Four. Enormous Pleasure Like The Balls Of Hercules including Jarman, Daly, Finch, Brian Wake, Gregory Silverman & Huw Morgan
  • Number Five. Heptagon including Stephen Morris, Dave Stringer, Herbert Williams, John Stuart Williams, Robert Lowe, Chris Torrance & Barry Wynn
  • Number Six. Things Gone And Things To Come including Chris Hebron, Rhydwen Williams, John Tripp, Alan Jackson, Jim Burns & Adrian Henri
  • Number Seven. Conglomeration including Sam Taylor, Chris Morgan, Brian Patten, Clive Thacker, Will Parfitt, & Vaughan Hughes
  • Number Eight. Poems On Self In Form Of Events As Modifiers Of Self Into Thoughts To Modify The World To Modify Oneself including Daly, Jarman, Finch, Huw Morgan & Stephen Williams
  • Number Nine. Automatic Poem That Owes Nothing To Tomorrow by Peter Finch
  • Number Ten. Poems For Thalia including Huw Morgan, Chris Morgan, Chris Hebron & Stephen Morris
  • Number Eleven. The Meeting Place Between the Visible And The Invisible including Silverman, Parfitt, Tony Curtis, Len Griffin & David Arthur Williams
  • Number Twelve. Poems Towards Eros including Adrian Henri, Huw Morgan, Torrance, Morris, Wake, & Parfitt
  • Number Thirteen. The Poetry Machine including Dave Mercer, Callard, Derek telling, Wake, Norman Draper & Callard
  • Number Fourteen. The Swansea Poets including Leonard Griffin, W.M.Goulding, Paul Botham, Tony Curtis, Mike Evans, Tony Thomas & Chris Dix
  • Number Fifteen. Six American Poets including T.L.Kryss, Doug Blazek, Oliver Everette, George Dowden, William Wantling & Gary von Tersch
  • Number Sixteen. A Paradigm of Things by Chris Morgan
  • Number Seventeen. The Extra-Terrestrial Transmitter including Parfitt, Andrew Lloyd, Peter Mayer, Finch & Bob Cobbing
  • Number Eighteen. The Wings Of Dreams including Thomas A Clark, Derek Telling, Harri Webb & Deirdre Farrell.

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